No this is not a April’s Fool’s joke… I finally have my very own Ishbel.  This is in Miss Bab’s Yummy and I may have about 10 yards yet.  The color was Violette. 

Ishbel in Miss Bab\'s Violette

I should remark that this yarn bled a lot… I had to rinse it and rinse it.  I finally added vinegar to the mix and let it sit.  It helped, but I think it will still bleed quite a bit when it needs re-blocking.  This leads me to a dilemma because I have another shawl done – Color Affection in Miss Bab’s yarn that needs blocks.  I seriously don’t recall if I soaked the brown before I knit it or not, so I’m going to have to be careful I don’t end up with a mess.

Ishbel in Miss Bab\'s Violette
After years of picking out yarn and going – this is Ishbel…I finally made Ishbel.

River\'s Edge Fiber
I’ve also been doing a smattering of stashing.  I think this long winter has gotten to me and I want color, color, color… especially pink!  I’m so glad April is here…bring on the showers, for some May flowers.  The more color the better this year.
Friends in Fiber
Friends in Fiber

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2 thoughts on “Ishbel

  1. Just this morning, I finished binding off on a sweater knit with Cherry Tree Hill Potluck. This yarm is so saturated with dye that it not only is dyeing my bamboo needles but it is rubbing off on my hands. Blocking this is going to be interesting. Like your shawl, this is probably going to bleed and bleed and bleed.

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