I’m doing several BOM this year and this is one I couldn’t resist.  If I ever get out to Nebraska I want to go The Quilted Moose.  Well… It looks like the shop is on the outskirts of Omaha, not too far from the Quilt Museum, which has been on my list.

Anyway, I digress dreaming of future quilting road trips.  Debbie Roberts of the Quilted Moose wrote this beautiful book Baskets, Birds and Boughs: Quilts Year ‘Round.  This quilt was done in Jo Morton fabric and in the Japanese Taupes in the book.  Homestead Hearth offered both colorways.  Since I have a lot of Reproduction going on I opted for the Japanese Taupes.  A picture of the full quilts is here.  I complete the first month, which was the center and this aptly named block The Whirling Star.

Gather Around - Whirling Star

I think with all the blocks I’ve done with my friend Polly from my favorite LQS Quilter’s General Store, I have finally learned something.  It came out right on 18.5″… I made sure to do a little over-sizing and cutting it down to just the right size in an attempt to not loose any points.  I sweated it for awhile there… but plunged ahead.  Next month is the applique.  Not my strong point, but I will persevere.


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