Whohoo!  My husband got me a Pfaff Passport 2.0 for my birthday this year.  It’s quickly become my go to piecing machine.  As you know I love to do very small blocks as often as possible and this machine just makes them come together quickly and easily.  I have to say I missed the IDT from my old Pfaff that died in the accident with UPS.  I don’t think I’ll ever be without the IDT again.  I’m totally smitten.

Total disclosure, I’ve been lusting after this machine since it came out, but said… ok I’ll wait for the reviews.  The reviews are stellar and I’ve watched them fly off the shelf and not show up on eBay.  Anyway, I mentioned I wanted one more machine to the hubby…well I walked into my quilting room one day and there it was on my pressing station. Whee!

Pfaff Passport 2.0 flush in my Tracey Table

So other than the IDT being totally awesome! Another thing I love… it’s only a smaller machine, but it has some serious power.  It hasn’t balked on thick seams.  Finally one of the bests parts is the feet are not wobbly.  I love how they have a solid feel for snap-on feet.  Put on the IDT – no wobble at all and best of all…when I put on the 1/4″ foot… it was a scant 1/4″ no fussing whatsoever.  No moving the needle this way or that… it was bang on right out of the package.  Kudos to Pfaff… this is one stellar machine for piecing.  I have no comment on the quilting as I do that on my Sweet Sixteen.

Anyway, I was giving myself a neck ache as I put it on top of my Tracey Table, so I ordered an insert and it got here right away.  I made the necessary adjustments and in about 15 minutes it was flush.  No more neck ache.

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