Sorry I’ve been absent lately.  I’m having some family issues and it’s taking precedence to…well…everything right now.  I think it’s going to go on for a while, but I still need to work with textiles to keep me sane, so there will be some updating when I can get some normality in my life.

Shop Hop Goodies 2013

Several month ago, I signed up for a shop hop bus trip with my favorite local quilt store – The Quilter’s General Store.  We got on the bus when it was still dark on Friday and headed out.  We went to 7 shops, but I’ll only stick with telling you about my top 3 stores where I spent the most money.

My favorite store out of the bunch was Inspirations in Hill, IA.  This was a fabulous store of Reproduction fabrics and had the most awesome kid’s room I’ve ever seen.  Remember I bought all those kits for kids at Expo, well I added two more because you really need to buy these when you find them.  Even my DH loved these and thought they’d be great gifts for the future.  If I lived closer, I would be a regular at this store.  Their classroom upstairs was totally amazing.  This would be my dream studio.  I even took a photo to show DH for when/if we ever move what I want for our home.  I ended up buying 2 kids quilt kits and a pattern here,  but seriously could’ve gone home with more.

Then we went on to Merry’s Stitchins in Jesup, IA.  This store was recently moved to a huge space and I loved it.  I bought some patterns and a quilt kit with the new fabric line Mid-Winter Reds.  Loved it so much with the stars, I couldn’t resist.

Finally, the next day we went to Calico Hutch, in Hayward, MN.  This store was fabulous.  Lots of everything for every taste.  I ended up with more patterns and some little kits.  One to make a cool bag of a pattern I already had, and some for hats.  They had these cute hat samples and I tried the sample on and loved it.

We had a nice time on the bus.  The QGS folks made it a lot of fun and handed out lots of gifts.  Really it was such a nice time and a well needed get away at this time.


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