I just wanted to wish everyone a very Happy New Year!

I’m starting the day off right.  While having my morning latte I decided to seize the day… or the year… or whatever… and I signed up for a fundamentals in fiction writing workshop.  I had a coupon for 15% off… so the price and timing were right.  I’ve been feeling like I need a good foundation class.  I feel like I’m treading water and can’t get going.  A good fundamentals class will hopefully get me on my way.

Each class goes over two weeks, so it’s not too overwhelming with everything else going on.  Also, you may notice that I only signed up for one class.  With the coupon I instantly wanted to sign up for more than one workshop, but decided to enact my New Year’s resolution.

So, what is this New Year’s resolution that I speak of?  Well it’s simple really – moderation.  I just find that when I enjoy things I have a tendency to dive off the deep end.  My motto has always been go big or go home.   Moderation is definitely in order.

Yesterday when I noticed that I only finished 21 projects – less than two per month.  I started thinking I bought way more yarn and fleece than I actually used this year.  Of course it is necessary to stash, but I think I’ve reached my quota.  I’m sure some of you may know what I speak of – one more ball of yarn and the house may explode.  Or in other words I will be totally overwhelmed and stop knitting altogether.  To avoid having this catastrophe happen I decided that moderation is in order.  For instance I finished 5 pairs of socks, maybe 6 – I don’t think I included my sock swap ones, but I bought at least 12+ skeins of sock yarn this year.  I’m think I’m just stashing now.

So for me, moderation means I don’t need to have a skein in every color or buy every fleece at the show, especially considering that I haven’t spun one this year.  Don’t worry though… there will be fleece bought, I am still human after all.  Now this doesn’t mean I won’t go, do, try new things and occasionally stash.  I just want to slow down, do one thing at a time and enjoy the stuff that is already stashed.

So this is going to be the year of moderation.


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