Carmel Corn

Carmel Corn is a Jo Morton pattern for the last Little Women club, which we’re wrapping up this month.  I still have one more quilt to make. For this one though, I hand appliqued all the circles and then put it together by machine.

Carmel Corn - Jo Morton

This isn’t very large.  I think a fat quarter will work for backing.

This is what it looked like when I was working on it, before putting it altogether.  it was quite a project and I found out I really like hand applique.

Jo\'s Hand Applique


No this is not a April’s Fool’s joke… I finally have my very own Ishbel.  This is in Miss Bab’s Yummy and I may have about 10 yards yet.  The color was Violette. 

Ishbel in Miss Bab\'s Violette

I should remark that this yarn bled a lot… I had to rinse it and rinse it.  I finally added vinegar to the mix and let it sit.  It helped, but I think it will still bleed quite a bit when it needs re-blocking.  This leads me to a dilemma because I have another shawl done – Color Affection in Miss Bab’s yarn that needs blocks.  I seriously don’t recall if I soaked the brown before I knit it or not, so I’m going to have to be careful I don’t end up with a mess.

Ishbel in Miss Bab\'s Violette
After years of picking out yarn and going – this is Ishbel…I finally made Ishbel.

River\'s Edge Fiber
I’ve also been doing a smattering of stashing.  I think this long winter has gotten to me and I want color, color, color… especially pink!  I’m so glad April is here…bring on the showers, for some May flowers.  The more color the better this year.
Friends in Fiber
Friends in Fiber

Art Quilting

A couple Friday’s ago my friend Cindy and I went to a fabulous art quilt class by Lenore Crawford put on by Illinois Quilters Inc.

Art Quilting - Class with Lenore Crawford

The guild did a fabulous job and all the lades were very friendly.  Lenore was a wonderful instructor.  It was a great class… broken down in easy step-by-step instructions, which was so helpful.  She also showed how to use your own photo to make up a pattern.  I’d love a longer class with Lenore, she was full of so much art & art quilting wisdom.

Art Class with Lenore Crawford

I’m doing Lenore’s poppies pattern.  However, I bought several of her patterns,  paints, and accessories to play with in the not too distant future.  I’m already plotting my own photos and patterns to try.  I think I finally found my art quilting way.

Keeping Up With The Quilting

I have been keeping up with the quilting around here…almost.

March Four Star General Blocks
February Four Star General Blocks

I am up to date with my Four Star General Blocks.  I still have setting to do though and those maybe ugly.

Civil War Sampler Blocks

I am also up to date with my Civil War Sampler blocks.  I’m leaning toward the on-point setting on the cover of the book.  We’ll see if that will get done.

I’ve got lots to talk about, so stay turned for more posts this week.


Lucky Stars

Well this is a blast from the past.  This was the second quilting class I took.  It wasn’t difficult, but for some reason got put away to be a UFO.  Well no more… here she is all finished.  It’s been moved to my To Be Quilted Pile.

This pattern is Lucky Stars by Atkinson Designs.  I love their patterns.  They are so well written.  I did mine in 20 different batiks and Moda grunge white.

Lucky Stars
I’m thinking just an all over pattern with neutral or white Glide thread. I have a white batting and a batik backing for it.  It’s so colorful, I’m really stuck on a good thread for this one.  I’ll need to think and do some research.

So at the end of 2013, I did inventory and have to start working the numbers down.  The two big numbers were UFO – Needs Piecing and UFO’s -  needs quilting.  So here’s the numbers as they currently stand.

  • UFO’s Piecing – 21
  • UFO’s Quilting – 23

This doesn’t take into account current blocks of the month.  These are just old past projects that I need to get done.



A Few Finishes…

So when I did inventory late last year, I found I had quite a few UFO’s.  When my LQS – Quilters General Store put on the 1st annual UFO quilting retreat in early January, I went and managed to get some projects done.

Trailing Diamonds in Japanese Fabrics

So not a great photo, but I got Trailing Diamonds done… this is in Japanese Fabrics.  Notice the fussy cut borders… I remember why this sat as a UFO for so long…those were a major pain because they were so long.

Forget Me Not Sew along by Pam Buda

Also, got Forget Me Not done which was a QAL 2 years ago by Pam Buda.  Not sure why this one sat, as I just had the half square triangles to do and put it together… it was a snap.  Next to move to the to be quilted pile, which is just as large as the UFO pile, but at least they are moving along.


Gather Around – The Whirling Star

I’m doing several BOM this year and this is one I couldn’t resist.  If I ever get out to Nebraska I want to go The Quilted Moose.  Well… It looks like the shop is on the outskirts of Omaha, not too far from the Quilt Museum, which has been on my list.

Anyway, I digress dreaming of future quilting road trips.  Debbie Roberts of the Quilted Moose wrote this beautiful book Baskets, Birds and Boughs: Quilts Year ‘Round.  This quilt was done in Jo Morton fabric and in the Japanese Taupes in the book.  Homestead Hearth offered both colorways.  Since I have a lot of Reproduction going on I opted for the Japanese Taupes.  A picture of the full quilts is here.  I complete the first month, which was the center and this aptly named block The Whirling Star.

Gather Around - Whirling Star

I think with all the blocks I’ve done with my friend Polly from my favorite LQS Quilter’s General Store, I have finally learned something.  It came out right on 18.5″… I made sure to do a little over-sizing and cutting it down to just the right size in an attempt to not loose any points.  I sweated it for awhile there… but plunged ahead.  Next month is the applique.  Not my strong point, but I will persevere.


2 Pair for a New Year

Happy New Year… I finished two pair of socks recently.  Both of these are made out of Sophie’s Toes yarn.



I also got a nice surprise on the last day of the year.  I got a fat quarter bundle of reproduction fabrics – Jefferson County by Jeanne Horton.  This bundle is gorgeous.  I can’t wait to use them.

Jefferson County Fabrics

Since it’s a New Year and I’ve been inventorying my UFO’s… I’ve decided my goal for this year is to actually quilt more quilts.  I’m great at piecing, but need much more practice at the quilting.  I’ve been working on quilting the purple quilt that I’ve auditioned motif’s for, but it’s a slow process.  Hopefully I’ll have something to show on that one before long.

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