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I know, I know…haven’t been around much here, but there is a good reason.  I took a trip to Handi Quilter Academy and my life has been a whirlwind since.  Not only am I learning and doing so much with my quilting, I’ve also accepted a position as a Handi Quilter National Educator.  I’m so excited!  I can’t believe this is happening.  A dream come true is an understatement.

With that said, it’s time to retire Madame Purl and start a website/blog where people can more easily find me and my passion for quilting.  Don’t worry all my content went there as well, just in case if you want to look back at an older quilt or knitting project, it should be there. So let me introduce you to my new place – Rose Hoffa Quilts – hope to see you there.

Quilt Gifts


Sheesh…you think I’ve been busy quilting around here as I haven’t been posting much.  You’re probably seeing more if you follow me on Instagram or Flickr.  I do however want to show you the finished quilts that have found their way to new homes.

First off is Over the Border for my MIL 60th birthday.

Over the Border gifted for a 60th Birthday.

Over 80,000 stitches with a lovely feather pattern quilted on top.

Sometimes I surprise myself when things turn out so awesome.  Binding tomorrow.  Off to work on Lucy Boston.  #quilt #quilting

Finished and ready to go.  #quilt #quilting


Next up is a lovely quilt I made – Jelly Roll Jam II – for a friend’s housewarming.  I made this one at the January retreat I went to and quilted a lovely flower pattern on it.

Jelly Roll Jam 2 with 3 Sisters fabric gifted to my friend Leah.


I see kitty’s snuggled up on this quilt in the future.  I have to say I am Happy!  I love this Avante and Pro-Stitcher and today is a me day…I’m off to spend time in my studio.  Next week another retreat and hopefully lots of successful quilting.  May our seam rippers stay in their pouches.

Over the Border Top


I started this quilt awhile ago at a Lunch and a Quilt at my favorite LQS – Quilter’s General Store and it just needed some borders.  I’m going to a birthday party next week and this will be going as a present, so it was time to pull it out and get it done.

This is a traditional Double Aster Block.  The pattern is Over the Border by Pam’s Piece by Piece.

Over the border quilt top.

As soon as I get the other quilt off the frame – hopefully today – this one will be going on.  I’ll make the backing while I run the other quilt.

Modern Building Blocks


Ever since I’ve seen this quilt I’ve been crazy over it. I decided to make it in Japanese Taupes and joined the BOM from Primitive Gatherings.  To stay on track, I’ve been sewing once a month with a group of friends, which has been a lot of fun for us all and a relaxing way to spend a Sunday.  Two of us are doing the Japanese Taupes and 2 are doing Reproduction fabrics.  Both sets are looking wonderful and I’m cruising right along, with only 2 more blocks this month to be all caught up.  I’m great at collecting  BOMs, but not always getting to them right away, so I’m delighted to be this far along.

Block 1 36.5\" square unfinished.
Block 2 of Modern Building Blocks. 36.5\" square.
These are blocks #1 and #2 which are 36.5″ unfinished.

Modern Building Blocks 30.5\" unfinished.

This is block #3 which is 30.5″ unfinished.

More Modern Building Blocks. Japanese Taupe Fabric.
Modern Building Blocks in Japanese Taupes

The rest are 12.5″ and 6.5″ unfinished.

Can’t wait till the next installment now.

Limelight and Peacocks


Well I have two finishes to show.  I have been playing with the idea of how to photograph my quilts.  Clearly I need some props and nice weather and maybe a photo shoot outside, but since it’s cold, snowy, and I’m suffering from a cold.  I have to settle with my indoor shoot.  I also needed to use a shorter lens and whenever I shoot with this thing, it reminds me why I like fixed focal length lenses.  The photos are just never as crisp for me with a zoom lens.  Anyway all that complaining aside…here are two finishes.

This pattern is Limelight by Villa Rose design and I used Modern Squares as the quilting design in silver Glide thread.  This quilt is for my husband.  This is just a little lap quilt.

Limelight quilt Villa Rose Designs
quilt for my husband with Modern Square and Silver Glide Thread
Limelight Back of quilt Villa Rose Design
The second quilt is the Peacock quilt.  I can’t remember the pattern name, but it was another of those little pocket quilt patterns.  Quilted with Lovely digital quilt pattern in military gold thread by Gilde.

Peacock Quilt for my mother
Peacock quilt for my mother
Peacock quilt for my mother - Military gold thread Lovely quilt design
quilt for my mother

This one needs a label before it leaves here to it’s final destination.  In case it goes walkabout, I want it to be able to find it’s owner.  So I’ve bought some Bubble Jet and a new ink jet printer and going to try printing some labels.

First though…a nap!  I’ve been hacking my brains out for the past two hours getting all sorts of ick out, but I’m so worn out.  I have another quilt on the frame, so after some rest, I’m hoping to quilt that one tonight, cut some labels and get the binding ready.  Also no spoilers…I have to watch the last episode of Downton Abbey.  We binged this weekend on House of Cards.  One crazy show and this season did not disappoint.



Arctic Spring


Ever sine I’ve moved most of my stash and set up another sewing studio in the basement with my long arm, it’s been an on-going challenge to massage things into place.  Just when I think I got…I don’t.

Arctic Spring Quilt Pattern


However with the great blizzard around here yesterday and the fact I have 0% interest in the Super Bowl or the commercials, I decided to tackle the room again.  Better, but not perfect.  For my reward I decided to work on a quilt that was started last year and has been patiently waiting in here.  I knew it needed a design wall to work on, so once I had that area clean, up it went.  This one needs concentration to get the placement right.

Quilting Room
Quilting Room



This is a little Pam Buda quilt from her Prairie Women line – Ye Olde Schoolhouse is the pattern – and it really pushed my piecing skills at the time, so I thought what the heck it would be a good one to practice my quilting on.  Those little chimneys in particular were a real pain.  I suspect these are better paper pieced.  I’ll keep that in mind next time I do a house quilt.


The quilting design is Spilled Ink and I used Connecting Threads Cone Poly thread in a light color.  For such an inexpensive thread it works like a dream in my machine.




Easy Peasy


I can’t believe it’s been so long since I blogged.  Whoops… these pictures have been on my camera for awhile as I’ve already delivered the quilt.


The pattern is Easy Peasy by The Pincushion Boutique. They come every year to the Madison show and I’m always tempted by their booth.  You can get 8 fats that coordinate as a “Sweet Treat.”  I used their pattern Easy Peasy, which was nice and simple and put these blocks together.  I had bought some additional fabric for the border and it really pulled it altogether.


I quilted it on my Avante with Glide Pink thread.  The quilting pattern is called Chantilly.




I really need to find a better way to take photos of my quilts this year.  I think there will be a few more finishes.

Phabulous Phebe Along


So, one of my big projects for 2015 is going to be Phebe.  This gorgeous quilt by Di Ford.  My friend Cindy and I are doing this together and we started a blog.  The Phabulous Phebe Along.  Come visit us over there and maybe you’ll think about joining us on our adventure.  We would love more friends to go with us on this adventure.



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